We provide end-to-end logistics design, implementation and operational capabilities in dry cargo chartering, freight forwarding, transportation management and distribution management. With steel producers we perform a role as a bulk breaker at port and as a wholesale distributor, bringing steel from anywhere within our international network and offering an essential feeder service to the retail end of the supply chain. We have alliances in mining Industry to source resources for our manufacturing clients. Our complete logistics service comprises safe handling, loading and shipping, breaking bulk, storage, insurance, inspection and inland distribution. Our expertise in the business established us as ONE STOP SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTION CONSULTANTS. We build alliances with world renowned brands and also budding enterprise which shares our principles and ideology of work.

We offer a full range of services to other trading companies and organization’s requiring transport of metals, raw materials and other bulk products worldwide.

We offer every customer a service tailored to their specific needs, built on our formidable experience across a broad range of market sectors.